Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are experts at processing your orders fast and efficiently. Use the following guidelines to place your orders by phone, fax, email or snail-mail. Please always feel free to contact us with questions or special orders.

It is also good to mention any special requirements, access issues,  inspection requirements (of a city, water district, caltrans etc) or any special wishes of you or your customer. Keep in mind that certain natives will go (semi)-dormant and do not look “retail quality” all the time. If you want we can always email a photo. Due to phytosanitary reasons we normally do not take any plants back once they are off the truck. In special circumstances we will take plants back and will charge a 20% restocking fee for our costs.

Landscapers please educate your customers about natives and their natural dormancy cycles.

If you are looking for just two or three species, please call us to check availability and pricing. It helps us if you indicate what sizes you need and when you need the plants. Please include your phone number and company name so we can contact you if we have any questions. Also include if you are willing to take substitutes in size and or species or cultivars.

If you have more than three or four species, please fax (831)763-1659 or email us enpn@elkhornnursery.com your plant list to check availability and to obtain a price quotation. We always aim to reply on the same business day but during the busy season (fall/winter) it may take more time. We value your business and interest in our company and will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

All prices quoted do not include delivery or sales tax unless otherwise stated. We encourage you to pick up your order. However we can make deliveries. If you order a full truck load we can accommodate you faster than a small order. We usually wait until we have a full truck load and then combine deliveries to save fuel and time. We charge a minimum fee of $70.00 or 8%. We do not have an official minimum order amount. (However wholesale prices are only for larger orders >$1000.00).

We will be happy to pull your order ahead of time so that it is ready for you when you come to pick it up. All orders must be picked up at 1957B Highway 1, Moss Landing, CA. Two miles north of the Power Plant.