Availability List (This is an excel spreadsheet) UPDATED October 5, 2015

Our plant inventory is changing daily as plants are sold and new crops become available – this is not a comprehensive list of everything we grow. These are just the plants we currently have in sale able condition or in production (ready for sale in the future). If you don’t see what you need please ask. We are working on growing all plants featured in our online catalog.

Before you come out to the nursery we strongly recommend faxing or e-mailing us your plant list so that we can let you know whether or not we have the plants you are looking for and if we are here and not doing deliveries. We might also suggest and or discuss a substitute at that time.

Please place your order at least two days before you come in so we have time to pull your plants. Also see the order page.

Abbreviations used on Availability List:

Y – Yes, native to California
N – No, not native to California
G, S, R- Grass, sedge or rushAvailability Elkhorn Native Plant Nursery Excel December 8, 2015
P – Perennial
B – Bulb
Su – Succulent
Sh – Shrub
A – Annual
F – Fern

Container Sizes:

4″ – 4″ square x 4″ deep  TP4 as deep as a 5 gallon as wide as a 1 gallon
#1 – 6″ diameter x 6.5″ deep also called a 1 gallon, although it doesn’t actually hold a gallon
#5 – also called a 5 gallon, although it doesn’t actually hold 5 gallons
#15 – also called a 15 gallon, although it doesn’t actually hold 15 gallons.
Other sizes available on a contract basis.

(Tax included in all prices)  4″ pot – $2.50           1 gallon pot – $6.00          most 5 gallon pot – $20.00
15 gallon pot – price varies by species, common plants – $60.00,  hard to propagate plants higher $72.50  to $125.00 Availability Elkhorn Native Plant Nursery Excel December 8, 2015