Services provided by Elkhorn Native Plant Nursery

Our main focus is to grow high quality California native plants. We sell our plants to everybody that is interested in using native plants and native grasses. We sell the plants wholesale to retail nurseries, brokers, landscape contractors, landscape architects and public agencies. We are also open to the public on Fridays (except Holidays) for retail sales.

Contract Growing

Are you able to plan your landscape or revegetation project well in advance?  If so, taking advantage of our contract-grow service is the way to ensure that the plants you need will be ready on time in the container sizes you desire.

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. Many people underestimate the growing time of native plants. If you do want to begin a contract with us, be prepared to have the following information available:

  • The names of the plants you would like to order
  • The container size you are interested in
  • The quantities you need
  • The date you require the plants

After discussing details of the project we will then provide you with a written bid. If you accept our bid we require a 25% deposit. (For larger contracts we charge  higher percentages.) We also require your signature on our sales agreement indicating acceptance of our terms and conditions.


We encourage you to pick up your order but can deliver plants to you as well. We charge a minimum of $70.00 or 8%. So if you order for a $1000.00 worth of plants you pay $80.00 etc. Smaller orders will be combined until we have a full truck going your way or we will charge additional delivery cost.  Plan ahead if you want a delivery.

Botanical Surveys

We can collect site specific plant species for your contract grow if you desire. We also offer botanical surveys if you want to know what plants you have growing on a particular site. We work with several botanists on a part-time basis. Renowned local botanist Randy Morgan will come out to your location in the Monterey Bay Area. We also work with other botanists in different areas.

Restoration and Landscape Design

If you need to restore a particular site please give us a call. We can come out to the site and assess what needs to be done. This might lead to a contract grow in certain cases.  We have excellent relationships with many landscape architects and professional landscaping firms. We will be happy to recommend these talented specialists.


For general garden consultation and plant identification we can visit different locations. Please plan ahead and book an appointment in advance. We will charge you an hourly fee of $150.00, starting when we leave the nursery and ending when we are back.


Everybody will be charged retail prices unless they fall in the wholesale category and can prove this. Wholesale is larger repeat orders > $1000.00. Plant prices vary by species and container size and other fees will vary as well, depending on the project. Please call us to discuss your needs and we will do our best to help you have a successful project.

Phone: (831) 763-1207

Fax: (831) 763-1659

email: replace “at” with @ enpn”at” (sometimes email gets caught in our spam folder, so if you don’t hear from us in a few days, give us a call.)